Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here's the SCOOP

I know it is "winding down" time at school with getting end of the year testing done, grade cards, organizing for summer, etc. but I am finding myself constantly thinking about next year (sickening, I know, right?).  I have an excuse though.  I am currently a Title 1 Math teacher and teach small group, Kindergarten through 6th grade.  That will not be the case next year.  I will be moving back to the classroom and will be teaching 3rd grade.  Although I am SUPER excited to get back in the classroom and teach reading and writing (which I love and missed), I will be sad to leave my math position and the growth I have seen in that program. 

With that being said, I am constantly looking for great 3rd grade ideas, activities, and blogs.  Please share if you have any!  Also, anyone have any tips about changing their blog title or http: without loosing everything?  Not so sure I should keep my title "Treadwell's Math Adventures" if I will soon be incorporating so much more than just math?  HELP :)

In the meantime of me over obsessing about all things 3rd grade, I just finished a math review unit geared toward 2nd grade, but can easily be adapted to 1st or 3rd graders as well.
Check it out below.

Hope your last few weeks of school run smoothly!