Thursday, March 29, 2012

**Freebie Measurement Conversion Game

Hey all! 
We've almost made it through another week.  TGIF (almost)!  Like I'm sure most of you, our school is getting ready to be knee deep in state testing, so I am busy trying to create some different partner games to use during my small group math pull out.  I can hopefully use my remedial math instruction time as a "brain break" for them to play math games.  Or at least they'll think it's a "break", right?

My fourth grade groups are finishing up working with measurement and converting measurement.  I created this conversion game to review these skills and use during those loonngg testing days.  You may download it (here) for FREE!  I hope you find this useful and your students can have some fun with it as well.

Enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Identify and Color Game

Does it seem like this week is draaaggging on or what!?  Maybe it's just me.  Possibly this dreary, nasty weather we are having in the Midwest.  I wanted to post about my “identify and color” activity I use with my kindergarteners and first graders.  My little ones love this type of activity: fun colored number mat, dice, transparent chips... they think it's a GAME and they are also doing some great MATH! :)  Working on one-to-one correspondence with counting dice, identifying numbers, and addition are all found with this type of activity.

Download it for free (here). 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Addition strategy with egg cartons

I know we don't always think of egg cartons as being a math manipulative, but they actually can be a great resource (as long as they are clean and no yolks are showing evidence...eeewww)!

I got the idea at a conference I attended for first and second grade teachers in Missouri a couple years ago.  I recently used my egg cartons with my Kindergarteners for predicting where numbers were within a number line and to work with the adding on strategy. 

First, to assemble and create these egg cartons takes a little prep time.  The ones shown below are using only numbers 1-6, so I cut the second row of egg holders off and then cut them up individually to be the "lids" for the numbers.  I then wrote the numbers with a Sharpie on the bottom of the egg carton.  I also use these with the whole egg carton, using numbers 1-12.  In this case, you need another egg carton to cut the holders individually for the lids.  You would still number them the same on the bottom, just going to 12 instead of 6. 

With my Kindergarteners, we started off with finding where the 3 was. (Created discussion because some littles did not know where 3 was without turning over all the lids.)

 Don't mind this sweet littles lunch on her sleeve :)

Then I asked them to add on 1.  Students should have turned over the next lid to find the 4.

I tried to take them to the river on this and turn it back into the addition problem, (3 + 1 = 4), which some of my sweeties got and some will need to keep working.

The next example they started with finding where the 1 was located.  Then they were asked to add on 3.
This little chicka started at 1 and visually added 3 and was getting ready to turn over the 4.

While the fella next to her decided to start at 1 and turn over the 3 he added so he could see the numbers.

This activity worked great as a visual tool for adding.  You could also label the egg carton by counting by 5's and label the lids 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. to help with telling time to the five minute interval. 

Hope you can find this useful!  Start stocking up on egg cartons now :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Currently and Awards

A little late in uploading this, but on with my 'Currently' for March.  Thanks Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for doing these fun linking parties each month!

I also wanted to thank Ms.T at Second Grade Math Maniac and Simone at Busy as a Honey Bee for nominating me for the 'Lovely Blog Award' and also to Simone for the 'Top 10 Award'.  I am so honored anytime anyone wants to take the time to recognize me for an award.  I appreciate the love and I'm grateful to be so welcomed into the "blogging world" by so many of you.  Thank you!

I wanted to recognize a couple blogs that I have been enjoying reading lately with the "Lovely Blog Award" (which may have already been recognized because they're so wonderful).  Check them out! :)
          Monica @ The Schroeder Page
          Lauren @ The Weekly Hive

Have a wonderful week yall!  Hope you're enjoying a spring break soon in your future.  So happy to not have a 'bedtime' tonight and get to sleep in tomorrow! Hallelujah!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fact Family Work with Dominoes

I can't believe another weekend has already come and gone.  How does that happen so quickly?  At least I got to enjoy a little Lifetime movie Sunday :)  Love those! 

Throughout the year, I am constantly working on fact families with my small groups to help them with basic facts as well as the connections between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.  I like to use dominoes with fact family practice.  This week, my 1st grade groups drew 3 dominoes from a pile and wrote out their fact families on a recording sheet.  Then they created their own dominoe and its fact family.  Check out our final product and download the fact family sheet (here).

Enjoy your week!  Hopefully your spring break is around the corner.  Only 1 more week for me. YEA!