Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Identify and Color Game

Does it seem like this week is draaaggging on or what!?  Maybe it's just me.  Possibly this dreary, nasty weather we are having in the Midwest.  I wanted to post about my “identify and color” activity I use with my kindergarteners and first graders.  My little ones love this type of activity: fun colored number mat, dice, transparent chips... they think it's a GAME and they are also doing some great MATH! :)  Working on one-to-one correspondence with counting dice, identifying numbers, and addition are all found with this type of activity.

Download it for free (here). 


  1. LOVE these types of games! Thanks for the download...it's awesome!
    Amy Burton

  2. Thanks Amy! So glad you could find some useful things on my blog to use with your kiddos. Enjoy!

  3. Best platform and for that I would need your guidance love these types of games!