Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey all!  I know it has been toooo long since I have blogged, but I have an excuse...

I am in the maddening midst of changing everything on my blog from "Math" adventures to "3rd grade" adventures and it is proving to be more difficult and time consuming than I thought.  Since I am new to this whole blogging world, I am deciding to change my URL address to a more general name to not separate me off into just a math world.  I REALLY appreciate all the love and followers I have received on my Treadwell's Math Adventures, and I sooooooo hope you will come follow me at Treadwell's Teaching Adventures as well.  I hope the transition is easy, but I did want to post here about the change just so everyone knows where to find me for now on.  Thanks again and I hope to see you at the new blog URL:

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