Saturday, February 4, 2012

Money Games

Good evening yall!
Before the big game starts for us in the midwest (MU vs KU game), I thought I'd post real quick about my Money Games I've created when working with change up to $5.00.  I played these games with my 3rd graders and they LOVED it (especially the Winter Shop).  Two of the games incorporate students counting sets of change and then completing a corresponding place value type of recording sheet. 
(sorry I couldn't get the one photo to load horizontally instead of vertically.  Anyone have a fix for this?)

 One of my students decided to record them out to the side and THEN put them in order from least to greatest on the lines.  So organized :)  Students could record on a dry erase board to collect their data as well before writing their answers on the page.  The other change card activity had students play in partners and compare totals in a more or less type of game.
The final activity was their favorite!  Even littles like to spend money!  Students took turns being the banker and the buyer.  When they were the "banker" their job was to give the change when an item was purchased and the "buyer" got the chance to purchase something that they had enough money for. 
Here is their money tray organized for easy use.

With my 3rd graders, we didn't use the negative cards because it was too difficult, but with 4th and 5th graders you could introduce the idea if a student purchases something they don't have enough money for, they would record it on the negative slip.

Here is their game mat.  They decided the amount they landed on was their "paycheck" before they could go to buy something.  I let my kids choose from the pile for what they wanted to "buy", they didn't have to take the top card.  This did take some guidance the first couple times we played it.  But, they kept asking DAYS later if they could play the money shop game again.  It would definitely be a game you could keep playing all year long to practice those money skills! 
Since I haven't given anything away since starting my new math blog I figured today should be THE DAY! :)  At the end of the school week, Friday Feb 10, I will choose 3 people to give this unit to FREE (using random # generator). 
Enter to win, by:
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      3.  Leave a comment telling me one way you teach money to "spice things up".
Also, please leave your email with each comment so I can easily send you your FREEBIE if you win!
Thanks for the support and I'm super excited to be doing my first "give away".
Have a wonderful evening.... GO TIGERS!

-Kara Treadwell

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